This weekend promises to be the clash of the summer blockbusters.  After raking in $1 billion at the box office, The Avengers gets some competition with the sci-fi spectacle, Battleship.  Based on the Milton Bradley board game, Battleship is a war of the worlds between the U.S. Navy and an alien race, The Regents, out to plunder the planet’s natural resources.

Rihanna stars as Raikes, a smart-mouthed naval officer  who joins in the fight to save humanity.  The Urban Daily caught up with the edgy pop star to find out what she loved most about her role, if she actually believes in aliens, and what the future holds for her in Hollywood.

TUD: What will you miss most about playing your character?

The guns.  The weapons.  That was my favorite part of shooting.  I had a great time.  I felt like the ultimate bad-ass, and I would have never had those experiences, had it not been for shooting this film.  So that was definitely fun to play that.

In one scene, your character does a little bit of singing.  Was that written in the script or was it something you did on the fly?

A lot of the dialogue and the in between things like that, the singing, really were spur of the moment.  Pete Berg (the director) made us do so much nonsense, like the Kentucky Fried Chicken – he bought like a chicken.   It was awful.  He makes you do the craziest things.  And you just never mind what he’s gonna keep.  So you just have to kind of keep your fingers crossed.

How would you handle a real life alien invasion? Would you be as courageous as Raikes?

The exact same.  No, I mean, who knows.  I might have jumped ship.  That’s some intense stuff.  Me see an alien?  I don’t know what I, what would be my first instinct.

Do you think your music will take a backseat to your acting career?

I don’t think music could ever be on hold for me, because it’s something that I love to do.  Even if there’s not a deadline or a specific project, I will always feel empty not making music.  I will always get that bug and – even right now, I’m still going a little crazy.  Like, I can’t wait to go in the studio, just to play and play around with songs.  And I can do that, because that, it doesn’t become work for me.  So I am gonna make time to do some more films.  I really liked my first experience with Battleship, so I’m looking forward to doing more.  But I can’t say goodbye to music.

Do you actually think there’s intelligent life in outer space? If yes, do you think they’d peaceful or more hostile as portrayed in the movie? 

Yeah, I’m still very open on that matter.  I’m not really sure, because I haven’t done enough research to really say how I feel.  But – who knows.  I would like to know.

Battleship opens in theaters nationwide today.

Check out this “behind the scenes” clip with the cast of Battleship:


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