The general public has been speculating about Queen Latifah’s sexuality since she was rocking a kufi and singing about putting ladies first. Recently, the rumors were reignited when the New Jersey bred MC and actress said she was proud to be performing at a gay pride event. Many took that as the private celebrity’s words as a thinly veiled coming out speech. While everyone is talking about the possibility of Queen Latifah possibly preferring women, I think she’s been dropping clues about the matter since the mid-90s. Check out three things that we think hinted at Queen Latifah being a lesbian.

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“I Wanna Be Down (Remix)”

For many 90s R&B heads, this is going to be hard to accept. Queen Latifah showed she might be a permanent swimmer in the lady pond when she ended her verse on the remix of Brandy’s first hit. In the beginning of her verse, Latifah raps about a man’s penis size. But the ending of her verse is where things get sketchy. She says, “You were the first to tame Big Teef.” Excuse me but any woman referring to herself as “Big Teef” obviously is not trying to attract a man. You tell me what guy is going to be like, “Yo son, I just smashed Big Teef!” She was definitely looking for a nice little lady to protect like they were in prison. On second thought, in the beginning it seems like she’s rapping about a man’s love muscle, she could have been talking about a product from Kandi Burruss’ Bedroom Kandi product line.

Set It Off

Yes, yes, we know the role was scripted as a lesbian! However, peep how Cleo Queen Latifah  was caressing that girl’s thigh. That is straight “I’m hittin’ this ass as soon as the director says ‘Cut!‘” caressing. You can’t tell me otherwise. Besides, you know you’ve watched Set It Off and said, “Damn Queen Latifah played that lesbian a little too well.” And if you didn’t say that, you’re lying because everyone who saw the film said that.

Frolicking On A Hotel Balcony With Jeanette Jenkins

If you aren’t a lesbian or Rihanna, grabbing all on another woman like this wildly suspect. No need to say anymore.

Did we miss anything? Did you find your own clues? If so, share in the comments.


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