The NBA has been filled with fashion fails this season. Dwyane Wade’s hot pink pants and Amar’e Stoudemire’s questionable style have gotten as many headlines as his fire extinguisher hazing. But no baller needs to get pulled over by the fashion police more than Oklahoma City guard Russell Westbrook.

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To call his post-game press conference attire hard on the eyes is an understatement.  Buzzfeed rounded up the worst offenders and listed the designers responsible. Are you feeling his look?

Joyrich — The Pollock SS Buttondown Shirt in Indigo — $72  

In graffitti a quickly executed small piece, slightly more than a tag, is considered a “Throw Up.” But in the case of this shirt it just looks like a spray can has Bulimia.

Lacoste — Live Short Sleeve Pique Polo With All Over Fish Hook Print — $115 (Currently Out Of Stock)

When an NBA team gets bounced out of the playoffs the running joke is that they’ve “Gone Fishin.” Was Westbrook testing the NBA gods with this fishy ensemble?

Ralph Lauren (Price Unknown)

Many of you die-hard Polo heads will say this shirt is hot on GP. But you know damn well if those were Paddington Bears you’d say it was wack.

Urban Outfitters — Shirts For All My Friends Noda Shirt — $49

You can fold this shirt up into a crane origami style or use it to decode secrete messages from The Illuminati.



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