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Neo-soul earth mother Erykah Badu’s beef with rock band The Flaming Lips continues to heat up. A member of the band Wayne Coyne responded to Erykah Badu’s Twitter tirade over their controversial video.

Erykah Badu was outraged by the video for The Flaming Lips’ son“The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face” which features Badu on vocals. In the clip, Badu and her sister are seen nude in bath tubs of various fluids. While Erykah Badu is seen in a tub of water, her sister, Nayrock, is featured splashing around a tub of what looks to be semen and another tub that looks a lot like blood. Erykah Badu went on Twitter and blasted the group for posting the video that wasn’t approved by Badu or her sister.

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After a few days, The Flaming Lips member Wayne Coyne has responded to Erykah’s tongue lashing. Coyne took to Twitter to give the neo-soul singer a piece of his mind. Coyne tweeted a picture of him and Badu on the set of the video with the caption: “here’s @fatbellybella and me.. You can’t see but I’m actually holding a gun to her head making her look at the camera.”

Despite the video being taken off the net, this beef is going to continue for a while considering these two have proved neither one is willing to not have the last word in this argument. Stay tuned, folks!



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