With THC-friendly rapper Curren$y’s album The Stoned Immaculate hitting streets, the J.E.T.S. general tells which  album is responsible for  his high times on stage.

TUD: As far as your music and career, what album has been the most inspirational for you?

Curren$y: Marvin Gaye, the I Want You album. Because I saw a DVD [where] he performed some records from that album. And just the way he performed and the way the crowd was and the control he had over the crowd and what I saw the music do to him. He kind of like lost control of himself, like moving crazy… it was just nuts. So that made me listen to the album. I saw the concert before I heard the entire album and that made me seek the album out.

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Once I listened to the album, I kinda realized that the studio sessions had to be crazy because I felt the same way I felt when I watched it. So that was before the freshman cover, before I started doing shows and that really affected my shows. The way he used the microphone with a wire is how I know how to handle a microphone with a wire. I hate microphones with wires because you can’t move. [But] I know what to do with my other hand with the wire because of him. That’s what definitely did everything for me.

Have you gotten that holy-ghost feeling [where] you saw him get on stage during one of your own shows?

I don’t know! Cause that’s kinda like auto pilot what happens out there so I’m not really sure. I just know the energy is in the crowd and it comes from there.

If you could talk to Marvin about that album, what would you ask?

Were there chicks in the booth while he was recording? What were they drinking? What level was the lighting in there? Just simple shit like that I just wanna know cause I would want that same world in my workspace, that had to be a hell of a zone…

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