Evelyn Lozada is not wasting any time capitalizing on the fame she’s secured thanks to her role on VH1’s Basketball Wives. Lozada’s first novel of her three-part series “The Wives Association” is out this month and she is reportedly already at work on the second book. And who knew that we have Bow Wow’s mama to thank for it all?

Check out the word via Jocks and Stiletto Jill:

What was the process of putting this book together like and how long did it take?

Oh, man. It was sitting there, reading journals and sharing stories, and then having Courtney add her twist. I probably started this whole process with her last season, so it took a good eight months, almost a year. It definitely a while. We didn’t want to rush it, we wanted to make sure it was good but that definitely required a lot of late night conversations.

How and when did you come about with a book deal with Cash Money and can you break down what kinda deal it is?

It’s a series of three books. I’m good friends with Teresa Caldwell, who is Bow Wow’s mom and manager, and her and I were talking about the journals. She said, ‘Let me talk to Baby,’ ’cause you know her son is signed to his label and that’s how it came about. They had a convo about it. I had a few other deals on the table but when this one came about, I mean, Cash Money,—everything they touch turns to gold and they are supportive of each other. I feel good about this situation, you know?

Definitely. Inner Circle is part of The Wives Association series. Are you already working on the next installation? And, if so, when can fans expect that?

I just recently started working on it because this book took a while. I’m filming two shows and have a million and one things going on, so we just started working on it and I don’t want to give away to much about it just yet.


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