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R&B artist Usher has dropped his seventh album Looking 4 Myself today. We at The Urban Daily are always debating about music and our differences in tastes. So we decided we would put those conversations to productive use and give our review of Usher Raymond’s latest project. In the first installment of “He Said, She Said” our Assistant Editor Jonathan Hailey and Staff Writer Shamika Sanders go back and forth about the project. Once you’re finished checking out our banter, you can watch Usher’s free Vevo concert.

Now the only question is, can Usher handle our opinions?

“Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop”

Jonathan: How can you not love a song that seriously asks to be someone’s body soap?

Shamika: I’m only giving it the thumbs up because I don’t want to give it a full thumbs down.


Jonathan: This is that I’m-in-the-club-and-have-taken-way-too-many-drugs type of dance music.

Shamika: It’s cool. I’m not too impressed, but it’s okay.


Jonathan: Usher and Diplo on a track sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. But this is hot fiya! *Dylan voice*

Shamika: I wish this was actually about sex, but it’s still hot with its misleading title.

“I Care For You

Jonathan: I freaking love this song. He blends industrial with dub-step and R&B and the product is dope! Best song on the album!

Shamika: It’s funky. I like it.

“Show Me”

Jonathan:  I like the hook. The rest of the song is a problem because it sounds like the verse and the hook could be two totally different songs.

Shamika: This is real feel good music. It makes me feel good. *Halle Berry voice*

“Lemme See”

Jonathan: I like the swag Usher has, but Rick Ross’ Trayvon Martin reference is enough to sink a man’s human battleship.

Shamika: Thumbs up. This is some sexy sh*t. It’s like modern day “Practice What You Preach” by Barry White. This is #onenightstandmusic and I’m disappointed in you, Rick Ross.


Jonathan: I like the song depending on my mood. I like it for cleaning the house, not for partying.

Shamika: I can’t deal with this pop sh*t.


Jonathan: Despite the fact he steps in and out of the damn metaphor, Usher is a sangin’ fool!

Shamika: *Plays the world’s smallest violin*

“What Happened To You?”

Jonathan: It could be taken as him bragging and all of that but it’s a nice little song.

Shamika: I thought I was listening to another song by a different artist, but I like it. Smooth.

“Looking For Myself”

Jonathan: What in the blue hell is this madness?!?!?!? Whoever told Usher this was a good song should be fired from the music business and life.

Shamika: No! No! No! Turn this off!


Jonathan: This automatically gets thumbs up because I’m singing the words, like for real.

Shamika: Here we go with this pop sh*t again.

“Lessons For The Lover”

Jonathan: Usher is trying to make sure some chick gets pregnant after having an argument with her man on this one and I ain’t mad either!

Shamika: This music is full of sex and synthesizers, my favorite.

“Sins Of My Father”

Jonathan: Usher and this throwback sounding beat compliment each other well.

Shamika: Like the lyrics, not the beat. Didn’t get past the first ten seconds.


Jonathan: This sounds like the soundtrack to an Ecstacy binge where you wind up at the dopest rave and don’t remember a damn thing the next day.

Shamika: Thumbs up only if I’m high on lots of drugs!


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