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Rapper DMX is still in the clutches of addiction and continuing to act a fool.

X recently was interviewed by Peter Rosenberg at when he visited Hot 97’s offices. Rosenberg famously caught some heat for calling Nicki Minaj’s song “Starships” bulls**t when she was scheduled to headline Hot 97’s Summer Jam concert. When asked about it, DMX had one response to anybody who didn’t like Peter Rosenberg’s opinion. X told Rosenberg’s detractors, “F**k you!”

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While the Hot 97 DJ laughed when X said that, DMX was so serious. X said if anybody had a problem with Peter Rosenberg, he should punch them in the mouth and knock some of their teeth out. That was the moment Peter Rosenberg realized DMX wasn’t in his right mind. DMX was obviously high on something. Although X is known for talking in rapid spurts of conversation, at times during the brief interview he couldn’t come up with words. Fans of DMX may have a hard time watching the video because it definitely proves you can go to rehab as many times as you want, but some people aren’t strong enough to fight that itch for whatever their drug or substance of choice is.

Watch DMX’s interview with Peter Rosenberg below. be sure to check out DMX’s 2002 autobiography written by our very own Smokey D. Fontaine.



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