How much is Kobe Bryant worth? A reported $200 million—but that number will surely drop should his estranged wife, Vanessa, finalize their divorce. Kobe earns $25.2 million per year from the Los Angeles Lakers, and the NBA superstar owes the rest of his net worth to endorsements with Smart Car, Nike, and other companies. In 2011, he added $53 million to his fortune and placed second on Forbes’ list of highest-paid athletes, right behind Tiger Woods ($75 million).

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Some experts say Bryant’s worth would dip by about $75 million should his divorce becomes official, though other say Vanessa Bryant could get $100 to $150 million. (She and Kobe reportedly didn’t have a prenup.) Vanessa filed the paperwork in December, and earlier this year, she scored $18.8 million in property, the Los Angeles Times reported. In June 2012, TMZ reported that Vanessa was holding off on singing the final papers, as the couple was working on reconciling.

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Bryant was the highest-placing NBA player on the 2011 Forbes list. Rounding out the top 10 were LeBron James ($43 million), Roger Federer ($47 million), Phil Mickelson ($46.5 million), David Beckham ($40 million), Cristiano Ronaldo ($38 million), Alex Rodriguez ($35 million), Michael Schumacher ($34 million), and Lionel Messi ($32.3 million).

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