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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta would be rather lack-luster without Joseline Hernandez, the Latina rapper seeking stardom so she won’t have to return to her previous stripping career. Joseline, Stevie J and Mimi’s love triangle acts as the most entertaining debacle on television right now.

It is the modern black-day “All My Children!”

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Despite the critics and naysayers, we can’t get enough of Joseline. Read through for some of her greatest quotes (and our commentary!)

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21. Yeah. He’s the best I ever had but I don’t want it anymore.

20. I’m very stingy with my cootie cat.

19. “Stevie gave me so much more than you think he just want to f**k on me. He just everything to me. It’s not about the sex” -F**k on you?

18. “Everybody think she a bad b***h, he get all the b***es, it’s not really about Stevie getting in my pants. You know what I’m saying, I want Stevie forever.” –I can’t.

17. “It ain’t about f***ing or sexting, it’s a for everything with Stevie and I, he’s f**king my brain.” Again…he lays down the pipe [Links (not really) to the d**k pics]

16. “Oh, she’s hot!” [Refers to: Joseline Hernandez Of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” A Man?]

15. “Daddy, I’m gonna turn around and look at you, cause you know that if I don’t toast and look at you in your eyes, it’s seven years of bad sex.” –You can’t make this s**t up…

14. “A man gon’ be a man and you gon’ just have to get that through your head, that don’t men I’m f**king him” -Yeah…No!

13. “Til’ you see us kissing, til’ you see us sexing don’t come at me with that. I can’t help that I’m beautiful and I can’t help that he beautiful and yeah when we step in the building we look real good together. But Stevie and I have great chemistry and I can’t help that!” – She really believes this huh?

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12. “We kiss on the lip?” –Does she mean “lips?”

11.  “You better act like you f**king know!” -Stevie J knew what time it was. She backed him down real quick! Watch him stop in his tracks.

10. “Go home deal with your emotion. Let him go to the studio with his artist that’s going to make him a billion f**king dollars!” -Doing what?

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Episode 1:

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9. “Say hello when you come in the room first. Be polite. Sit down” – Sit dog, I thought I trained you already.

8. “I’m a bad little bush” –Too easy…too easy.

7. “No fairy godmother this month” –WTF does this even mean?

6. “Mimi don’t run nothing over here and Mimi don’t run nothing over there neither.” – Well this is actually just accurate.

5. “The hell is you talking bout?” -We were wondering the same thing!

4. “Somebody is going to get that a** and I hope it’s somebody young and fast so they can whip that a** cause honey you deserve that a** whooping cause you talk too much.” – huh?

3. “Why is you drilling me right now?” -That’s what got you here, boo boo!

2. “I ain’t been f***ing nobody for the last six months, but you!” -#B***hPlease #LiesJoselineTells

1.  “He threw a drink at me and messed up my fur furraah, that I got from Neimans. I could have killed him. Oh but don’t worry, he’s gonna buy me a new one! –We think she meant fur, but then again…we don’t what the f**k she is talking about.

And, that face! #Priceless #Tenseface

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Episode 2:

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