It’s been a pretty tumultuous year for Joseline Hernandez and her hubby Stevie J, but maybe their recent news could help bring more peace to the couple. According to Joseline’s Instagram, the Puerto Rican princess is expecting a little bundle of joy. She posted the photo above, with the caption, “Happy #MilfMoney #LilJoseline.” The pregnancy news comes at a […]


Stevie J shared a wonderful, cordial moment between his alleged wife, Joseline Hernandez, and ex-girlfriend, Mimi Faust.

I’m not gonna lie, man; I’m a sucker for girls from the south. It’s something about a southern girl that gets me open. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s the accent. Maybe it’s the cooking. Maybe it’s just the way they cackle at every dude who tries to run game on them.  Maybe […]


Reality TV is about as real as the WWE, meaning most of the scenarios are staged, but the action is real. Joseline Hernandez, claims the popular VH1 franchise Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is scripted and the characters are actors. The Puerto Rican princess testified during a deposition with Althea’s (Benzino’s fiance) lawyer, saying “It’s a […]

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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reality star Joseline Hernandez is out in the world thinking that she was the inspiration for Empire’s Cookie. Really. “I know Cookie been taking some lessons from me. I mean, where do you think she get it from? That ain’t all her character, that’s Joseline Hernandez’s character, honey. I know it for […]


After being the catalyst of several fights on the last reunion for “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” questions were raised as to why Joseline Hernandez wasn’t arrested or punished by the producers of the ratchet reality show. But according to reports, Joseline has indeed been suspended from the next season “Love & Hop Hop: Atlanta.” […]

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The cops are looking for Joseline Hernandez after that nasty cast battle on the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” season 3 reunion! It was only a matter of time before someone caught a case for fighting on this show. MUST SEE: Stevie J Announces Joseline is Pregnant Joseline might want to steer clear of New […]

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Stevie J revealed that he and his wife Joseline Hernandez are having a baby! Things were looking really rocky in their relationship on the last cycle of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” as the validity of their marriage was called into question, and Joseline couldn’t decide whether to plan for a wedding or a divorce. They […]

  The BET Hip Hop Awards were recorded  in Atlanta a few days ago and word is starting to travel about the goings on inside of the auditorium. According to Bossip, the show had many jokes at Joseline Hernandez‘s expense. Even Snoop Dogg is said to have gotten in on the fun. Actually it’s been reported […]

After the way this duo brought the dog gone ruckus on the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion show this week, we thought they would  chill for a while and get some perspective on a few things. But according to Vlad TV, Stevie J recently jumped on Twitter and suggested that we will be seeing […]

For weeks now, we’ve been hearing about this “brawl” that took place on the set of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion show. Of course the cameras continued to roll through every last bit of it but we digress. This spazz out was so terrible that we don’t understand how VH-1 can even consider […]

   According to Vlad TV, Joseline Hernandez of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta has been receiving a lot of backlash lately for her alleged role in last week’s reunion show brawl. She’s been accused of attacking Benzino‘s girl Althea, Waka‘s wife Tammy and the former maid that she loves to hate Mimi Faust all in the same […]