K. Michelle is popping back at Memphitz after he denied ever physically abusing her. The singer and Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star called into V-103 to make additional claims:

“This situation, if anybody has followed me, I’m not a new artist. For the past three years I have spoken out against it. I didn’t get on tv to try to hurt him or try to hurt his situation. I never even said his name on TV. For three years I have been a advocate for domestic violence.” 

 “I havn’t even been out of my record deal over a year…and the only way I got out…I didn’t get dropped…the only way I got out of that deal…I owed $2 million dollars…the only way I got out of that deal…I had to get a lawyer and I had to give them all the text messages and everything. They [the label] already knew what the situation was. But I fought and fought to get out. I own my publishing and everything right now because of the text messages that he sent.

 He threatened to kill my child if I did not stop running my mouth.”

 “I’m not looking for no help from the world…but I’m not going to be quiet. He can slander my name and do whatever he wants to do, but I’m going to tell my story and I don’t care who don’t like it.”


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