Snoop Dogg is rap’s pothead uncle. He was busted while traveling in Norway for having a little of that sticky icky in his luggage.

Uncle Snoop was detained by customs in the Kjevic Airport in Kristiansand, Norway. Police searched through Snoop’s bags and found about eight grams of kush in his possession. In most cases, a black man-famous or otherwise-would be locked underneath the jails in any country. However, lucky for Snoop Norway only charges fines for amounts of marijuana less than fifteen grams. The hidden herb cost Snoop 12,000 Norwegian Krone. If you’re wondering about the conversion, 12,000 Norwegian Krone comes out to about $1,980.13.

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Snoop Dogg was said to have been very cooperative in the matter. He paid the fine on the spot and went on about his day. The West coast legend is in Norway to perform at the Hove Festival. Considering all of this happened in a short span of time, Snoop still has the time to have one of his errand boys find him some Norwegian strand of weed to get his mind right before his concert. That is if he didn’t have more stashed in another bag. You know how potheads get down.



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