Surprise, surprise. Ice-T still doesn’t enjoy the women of reality TV. Speaking with Atlanta’s Hot 107.9, the rapper-actor explained his issues with the personalities behind the most popular reality franchises.

On what they promote:

“I think its wrong to promote that when you’re successful that its a bunch of drama and pain. I’m looking at these housewife shows and these broads are mad. I’m like ‘B-tch! You in a mansion. How could you be mad?’ That’s disrespectful to people that have it bad and are struggling.”

On why he thinks his wife, Coco, is the perfect wife:

“I’m much more of a Bonnie and Clyde dude…When I seen Coco, I was like ‘damn, this is the caliber of female I’m looking at. Now, I didn’t care if she was black, white, [it] doesn’t really matter to me. When I got at her, she was just what I was looking for. I was watching ‘The Osbournes’, I’m like ‘would Ozzy even have a house if it wasn’t for Sharon Osbourne? She holds it down’. So Coco came in and became my assistant, helped me get my life together…since I been with her, I’ve tripled my income. You gon’ keep a woman that helps you make money. So we’ve been together now 11 years. It’s been beautiful. And I live by the rule: ‘One down b-tch equals ten funky hoes.’”

How romantic.

You can check out the rest of Ice-T’s interview here.


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