Bane, the fictional Supervillain featured in the The Dark Knight Rises is Gotham’s new muzzled face of evil. Despite a possibly pill-induced rant by Rush Limbaugh, this foe of Batman has as much in common with Mitt Romney as a bowl of Ramen.

Bane first appeared in Batman: Vengeance of Bane #1 (January 1993) and has made several TV appearances in animated form. Here are some Bane facts that will help you get familiar.

5) Who plays Bane in The Dark Knight Rises? Tom Hardy. Tom Hardy (who has appeared in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Inception, ) is only 5’9″ and Christian Bale is over 6 ft. But in the film and comics Bane towers over Batman. So Director Dolan is either using clever camera tricks or Hardy is wearing those thick Karl Kani boots from the 90s. Also, Tom Hardy’s full name is Edward Thomas Hardy, but is of no relation to Christian Audigier, the French founder of Ed-Hardy fashions or Don Ed-Hardy the tattoo artist.

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4) Bane is an escaped convict from a prison in South America (or Cuba depending on your source) called Peña Duro.  Peña Duro translates to “Hard Labor” or “Hard Penalty” in Spanish. (However, in Joseline Hernandez’ version of Spanglish it translates to “durable penis.”)

3) Bane gets his strength from a derivative of the drug Venom. At the maximum saturation point he can lift around 4000 lbs. Without Venom he can still lift/ press around 1,500 lbs–or three Rick Rosses. However, Bane only needed to apply 9 pounds of pressure to break the bones in Batman’s back.

2) The Dark Knight Rises is not Bane’s first appearance in a movie. In Batman & Robin Bane was played by pro wrestler Jeep Swenson. Bane was a convict being experimented on by Dr. Jason Woodrue and is rescued from servitude by Poison Ivy. But most Batman fans are trying to forget that this ever happened.

1) In the comics and cartoons Bane’s mask is that of a Mexican Luchador (wrestler) with his strength serum being pumped into his body intravenously. But in TDKR he sports a type of scuba mask that pumps an anesthetic that makes him impervious to pain. The mask is designed to look like a fierce ape. This “Optimus Primate” look is sure to be a top-seller this Halloween.


The Dark Knight Rises is in theaters July 20, 2012!

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