Trayvon Martin is not here to defend himself. We do not know what happened on the night he was shot, because his murderer is the only one left to tell the story and judging by his character we won’t ever know what really happened!

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Martin was killed after a physical altercation with George Zimmerman–the self-appointed neighborhood watchmen–who deemed him suspicious because of his hoodie and leisure walking in the rain. Zimmerman has been charged with second degree murder despite his self-defense claims.

Zimmerman initiated the confrontation by pursuing Martin even after a police dispatcher instructed him to stay in his car. Zimmerman eventually shot Martin in the chest.

Against his attorney’s wishes, Zimmerman sat down for an interview with Fox News that only added to the media flame surrounding the case.

“It was all in God’s plan,” said Zimmerman. He does not regret that he was carrying a gun just to allegedly shop for groceries at Target nor does he regret anything that happened that fateful night. He offered an apology to Trayvon’s family, saying: “I am sorry that they buried their child. I can’t imagine what it must feel like. And I pray for them daily.”

After listening to Zimmerman’s testimony, it is clear that he was paranoid. He claims Trayvon tried to scare him by messing with his pants band though he had nothing on him but candy and a beverage. Zimmerman was the one who was carrying a weapon.

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Here’s 9 issues we have with Zimmerman’s alleged story:

9. One witness said she saw Zimmerman running after Martin, despite his claims that Trayvon approached him and punched him in the face after asking “What was his problem?” Zimmerman’s story has changed. He once claimed that he asked Trayvon what he was doing in his neighborhood. His story does not coincide at all with Trayvon’s girlfriend who was on the phone with him before the altercation ensued.

8. There is not witness to the shooting, but a witness to the beating. Yet, the witness saw Zimmerman getting his a** whooped but in the short minute that the whole “incident” happened he managed to miss the weaponry but stuck around after for the cops to come.

7. Zimmerman would not do anything differently. If this were an accident and not intentional, why wouldn’t you–if you could spare the life of a 17-year-old teenager– do something differently? A remorseful person would feel regret and despite the detriment to their legal case, still admit that this was a situation that could have ended with no life loss.

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6. Zimmerman claims Trayvon tried to suffocate him and put his hands over his mouth to keep him from screaming, yet asserts that it was him (Zimmerman) yelling loudly for “help” in the background of the police call someone from the neighborhood made.

5. We do believe that Trayvon Martin may have said “You got it,” after realizing Zimmerman was carrying a gun and that was his form of submission. We find it rather odd that Zimmerman claims Martin sat up after being shot in the chest then uttered that statement. Zimmerman himself, during the interview said “I assumed he meant ‘I didn’t get it [the gun], ‘I’m not going to fight anymore.’ At which point I got out from under him.”

-So you mean to tell us, and we are not doctors, we do not have a law degree, but…you are clearly saying, after Trayvon was shot (in the chest) at point-blank range, that he had enough energy to deliver one last line. WTF is this, a James Cameron movie?

4. Zimmerman claims he did not know that Trayvon was dead after he shot him. He also says he did not check to see his condition after shooting him, either. Normally after you do not intend to kill someone you check to see if they are at least still breathing.

3. Zimmerman felt his head was going to “explode” yet his medical records show no sign of trauma.

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2. A police operator instructed Zimmerman to stay in his vehicle and not pursue Trayvon. He did not listen and continued to follow him.

1. Zimmerman allegedly didn’t think he actually “hit” Martin yet Martin fell back on the ground. He delivered only one shot which means Zimmerman did not fear for his life after that initial blast. Zimmerman knew he hit Trayvon if he didn’t believe he did, he would have fired again.

Let’s not even mention the fact that Zimmerman was carrying a gun into Target…why?


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