Do not let the sweet face fool you. Selita Ebanks will take you out back and commence to stomping you out if you try to get with her man.

At the end of last year, a model by the name of Liza Irizarry sent a mass email to anyone media outlet who would listen alleging Selita Ebanks broke her nose during a fight in a Miami nightclub. Liza apparently angered Selita by being a little too friendly with Selita’s man  Terrence J. While no one believed the story, they start to believe it now. Liza Irizarry is suing the model/actress. Irizarry is seeking to be compensated for medical bills as well as pain and suffering.

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The way Liza recounts the incident, Selita Ebanks was drunk as hell and went from happy drunk to violent boxing drunk in 0.23 seconds when she saw Terrence J and Liza speaking:

“I was in so much pain. My pillow was covered in blood.”

“When [Selita] saw me, she said, ‘Don’t be kissing my man.’ I said to myself, ‘So what, that’s my friend.’ That’s when she hit me on the nose. I went to swing back — that’s when all her friends jumped in. I felt hair pulling and fists coming at me. I’m so angry, because she thinks she can get away with anything. You shouldn’t be allowed to put your hands on anyone for no reason. Me saying hello to someone doesn’t give you the right to hit me.”

Although Irizarry is suing Ebanks, she is also upset with Terrence J for not handling his woman when things started to go left:
“He did nothing.  I even texted him later that day to tell him that wasn’t cool and asked him what the hell was up with Selita.  I never disrespected either of them.  He never responded.”
Selita Ebanks’ attorney responded to the lawsuit and questioned why Liza Izirarry is filing the lawsuit now when the alleged incident occurred in November of 2011. He says Liza Irizarry’s lawsuit is “baseless” and it is “nine months old and completely without merit.”
Selita, I hope your lawyers are as good as your fists allegedly are.

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