NFL player Plaxico Burress is probably thinking now isn’t the best time to be a free agent. The State of New York just filed a $59,000 lien against the wide receiver.

According to court documents, Burress defaulted on paying personal income taxes in 2007. Now, the government wants their money. In total, Plaxico owes Uncle Sam $59, 241. If he doesn’t start to fork over some cash, the government will begin to seize his assets.

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Many remember Burress as the top receiver for the New York Giants a few years ago. All of Plaxico’s glory came to a screeching halt when he accidentally shot himself in the leg at a New York City nightclub in 2008. Burress served two years in prison for the charge of criminal possession of a handgun. His football career hasn’t been the same since leaving prison.

For all thaty money he made on that Giants contract, I’m sure Burress could have found an accountant to make sure his personal taxes got paid on time. After all, his lawyer fees were paid in full and ahead of schedule.



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