After this weekend’s shocking decision by an all female and almost all white jury to let George Zimmerman walk, what more evidence do we need to prove that a Black life in this country is losing value faster than the dollar? People have gone to the slammer for a lot less, especially Black people, who […]

Although former gun toting NFL player Plaxico Burress might have just got picked up to the Pittsburgh Steelers, he’ll have a helluva time getting to practice now that his license has been suspended. As the story goes, Plaxico Burress was sued by a woman named Alise Smith claiming he caused a car accident that left […]

[ooyala code=”t1NXUzNjp4Hp8b7FbXNfSbIVw05PE4qS”] Forget about the Madden video game curse. It seems that just being black and fast is enough to have a cloud of bad luck in the NFL. From Plaxico Burress to Chad Ochocinco wide receivers can catch everything but a break. Watch as the Sports Stoop crew break down the facts. Missed an […]

NFL player Plaxico Burress is probably thinking now isn’t the best time to be a free agent. The State of New York just filed a $59,000 lien against the wide receiver. According to court documents, Burress defaulted on paying personal income taxes in 2007. Now, the government wants their money. In total, Plaxico owes Uncle […]

If the first two weeks of the preseason is any indication, the National Football League (NFL) is officially back. With the lockout threatening the start of the season (not really) for most of the spring and early summer, the return of organized activity led to a dizzying array of transactions and signings. Now that the dust has […]

After serving 20 months  in prison for shooting himself in the leg, Plaxico Burress is back in the NFL.  The wide receiver has come to terms with the NY Jets for a one-year deal worth a little over $3 Million. When Burress was released from jail, early speculation had him going to the Philadelphia Eagles. […]

Plaxico Burress, the best wide receiver the New York Giants had in over a decade and the last person to touch the football for the Giants in their classic Super Bowl win over the previously undefeated New England Patriots in 2008, is being released from prison on Monday (June 6th). Burress has been in jail since […]