Although former gun toting NFL player Plaxico Burress might have just got picked up to the Pittsburgh Steelers, he’ll have a helluva time getting to practice now that his license has been suspended.

As the story goes, Plaxico Burress was sued by a woman named Alise Smith claiming he caused a car accident that left her injured. Smith won the lawsuit and Burress was ordered by the judge to pay $125,000 in damages. Plaxico tried to appeal the the ruling, but his appeal was denied. Since Plaxico still hasn’t forked over the six-figure-sum, Alise Smith’s attorney, James Dunn, sent a letter to the Florida DMV to have Burress’ license suspended. The DMV obliged and effective march 25th, Plaxico Burress will either need a car service or he will be walking to and fro.

Hopefully, that one year contract Plax signed with the Steelers is enough for him to pay somebody to think for him considering he doesn’t do it himself.



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