In the latest edition of “The Last Word” artist A.L. Dre lets his thoughts be known about the Republican Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney.

Romney made news today for  selecting his Vice Presidential running mate, Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.

Well, is Mitt Romney a liar?  In a recent story on writer Kevin Drum takes Romney’s camp to task for blatantly lying in a campaign ad that states The President is making it so that welfare recipients will no longer have to work:

This is what’s so striking about Romney’s campaign. As Paul says, it’s common to twist and distort and cherry pick. But Romney has flatly claimed that Obama said something that, in fact, a John McCain aide said. He’s snipped out sentences from an Obama speech and spliced the two halves back together so nobody could tell what he did. Then he did it again to another Obama speech. And he unequivocally said that Obama plans to drop work requirements for welfare even though he’s done nothing of the sort.

You can read the full article HERE.

MSNBC correspondent Rachel Maddow also called out Romney for lying in his campaign ads. Watch a clip below:

So what is your take? Is Romney indeed The Lying King?

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