Mitt Romney

The Huffington Post found parallels between Trump's speech and a 2011 POLITICO column written by Richard Grenell, who was a former spokesperson for Mitt Romney in 2012.

While Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump bragged about his penis size at the start of Thursday night's raucous debate in Detroit, Michigan, the Flint water crisis was the 33rd question.

In a talk aimed at slowing Donald Trump's momentum as the Republican presidential front-runner, Mitt Romney on Thursday came out swinging against the divisive candidate during an address in Salt Lake City.

Seems like Mitt Romney’s gracious concession speech after losing the election to President Barack Obama was disingenuous. Romney insinuated that Obama bought another four years in office. “The president’s campaign, if you will, focused on giving targeted groups a big gift,” Romney said in a call to donors on Wednesday (11/14). “He made a big effort on […]

In this latest spoof of Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, the former Governor of Massachusettes is being hunted by the IRS for trying to hide his assets.  Not one to give in easily, Mittens channels the late ODB (R.I.P.) to plead his case to the American people. NSFW: (language)   Like on Facebook to […]

Actress Stacey Dash can’t seem to win. Last night, the gray-eyed beauty was raked over hot coals for endorsing Mitt Romney. Naturally, Dash’s endorsement was met with harsh negative criticism. Most tweeters went in on Dash, calling her everything from a slave to clueless and everything in between. One man responded to Dash’s tweet with, […]

Mitt Romney made a lot of people at PBS angry when he said he was going to cut funding for the public broadcasting station. One person who is mad as hell is former “Reading Rainbow” host Levar Burton. Burton believes Romney’s plan to cut funding for PBS will result in more poor children without an […]

I went to bed angry as hell last night. Ask me why. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you. The debate between presidential candidate Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama was one of the worst debates ever in the history of debating and this country. Not only was our president off his game, but he was simply […]

In the latest edition of “The Last Word” artist A.L. Dre lets his thoughts be known about the Republican Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney. Romney made news today for  selecting his Vice Presidential running mate, Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. Well, is Mitt Romney a liar?  In a recent story on writer Kevin Drum takes […]