I went to bed angry as hell last night. Ask me why. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you. The debate between presidential candidate Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama was one of the worst debates ever in the history of debating and this country. Not only was our president off his game, but he was simply not good. He allowed Romney and the moderator  Jim Lehrer to bulldoze him and cut him off  at every turn. A man who won votes partially due to his debonair demeanor seemed flustered and unprepared. Don’t get me wrong, I rock with Obama, but he wasn’t himself.

Part of the reason President Obama appealed to young voters in 2008 was because he had the support of the hip-hop community. Obama received so much love from hip-hop, political talking heads began labeling him “The Pop Culture President.” Since we know Jay-Z has Obama on the text, we think our president could’ve learned a few things from his rapper friends when it comes to debates. Check our list of five debate tactics Obama could’ve learned from rap beefs.

5. Never Let Them See You Sweat

When Romney and President Obama took the stage, both seemed cool and ready for a great debate. However, it looked as though Obama became nervous when he realized he couldn’t read his answers off a teleprompter. Obama appeared sweaty and stuttered more often than not and that’s one thing you never show in a rap battle. Never let your opposition know they have gotten to you. For instance, Ice Cube damn near destroyed his former rhyme crew N.W.A. on his classic battle record “No Vaseline.” Despite Ice Cube’s pointed record having N.W.A. shaking in their boots, they still clapped back. Their claps weren’t as strong as the opposition, but they didn’t let on that they knew that. Obama could definitely use that because all Romney was a smug smirk away from screaming, “You gon’ get this work, beloved!”

4. Hate On The Opponent

Being the cool and respectful guy he is, President Obama isn’t one to hate on anything. That’s one of the reasons we love him. However, there is a place for everything and the debate was the prime location for a little hating. We’re not talking about middle-school-I’m-going-to-talk-about-you-to-steal-your-girl hate. Obama should’ve left the Harvard degrees in the green room and came to battle with facts of Romney’s past voting practices, his offshore accounts, and anything else that directly contradicts the image he is forcing upon the country. The president had the opportunity. Why not seize the damn moment?! isn’t that what Cam’ron did when he went at Jay-Z? Didn’t 50 Cent do that to Rick Ross?

3. Command Respect

As I said before, Obama played nice a little too much. Mitt Romney spewed nothing but lies. However, he did it with enough charisma and passion people would have eaten up anything he served. Obama didn’t have his signature swag and there is a quick remedy. President Obama should’ve listened to Canibus‘ “Second Round Knockout.” Although Canibus eventually lost his battle to LL Cool J, he did let him know respect was due. Canibus’ line”You betta give me the respect I deserve or Imma take it by force” should’ve been the president’s mantra last night and should be his mantra in the future. Essentially, didn’t take a few American citizens’ respect by force when he killed Osama Bin-Laden, which is something Republicans were hellbent on doing but never accomplished?

2. Claim Your Throne

All of the mess that went down during the debates never should have happened. They wouldn’t have happened if Obama claimed his throne. Not only is he the leader of the free world, he is a proud black man. None of that was displayed last night. The Denzel Washington-like walk that oozes confidence was replaced by some Steve Urkel swag. What the hell is that?! If Jay-Z is his homeboy, why couldn’t Obama throw out a Watch The Throne reference or something? Okay, I’m reaching with the Watch The Throne thing, but you understand. Last night’s debates needed a moment where President Obama made it clear to Romney and Jim Lehrer that he is the damn president and will not take the disrespect Romney and Lehrer showed lightly. Plus, we all know Romney couldn’t walk in Sasha and Malia’s socks.

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1. Pull The Trigger

Before you start shouting about violence and all that, let me clarify. When I say “pull the trigger,” I mean unleash the crakken on those Republicans. Why wasn’t Romney’s 47 percent comment mentioned?! Even if he didn’t want to directly call Romney out about the 47 percent fiasco, he still could have alluded to it by mentioning the 53 percent. Hell, even if Obama went too far in mudslinging, he could’ve easily made a comment that would have recovered. President Obama could’ve seen what Jay-Z did to Nas as an example. Jay-z overstepped his bounds when he rhymed, “I skeeted in your Jeep/Left condoms in your baby seat.” Although he got so much flack for that line, he still was loved by the fans. Going too far is nothing a public apology can’t cure.

What were your thoughts on last night’s presidential debates? Sound off below.


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