Actress Stacey Dash can’t seem to win. Last night, the gray-eyed beauty was raked over hot coals for endorsing Mitt Romney. Naturally, Dash’s endorsement was met with harsh negative criticism. Most tweeters went in on Dash, calling her everything from a slave to clueless and everything in between. One man responded to Dash’s tweet with, “So @RealStaceyDash is a Republican supporting Romney? Please respect my privacy at this time, I need a moment to deal with this.”

The reactionary tweets caused us to ponder if finding out Stacey Dash, as beautiful as she is, made her less sexy because she’s a Republican voting for Mitt Romney.

Before we go any further, we must state Stacey Dash can endorse whoever she pleases. That is her right. However, after polling a few men around the office, it seems Dash being a Republican doesn’t make her less sexy. It’s the fact she is voting for Mitt Romney. According to a few men, they think Stacey Dash is less attractive for voting in Mitt Romney’s favor. According to one of our editors, Dash became less attractive to him because she is supporting a man who is in favor of limiting women’s right to choose to parent or abort a child, among other things.

Another man in the office claimed Stacey Dash’s political views didn’t stop the desire in his loins when he saw her picture. He said, “When I look at Stacey Dash, my first thought isn’t ‘Damn, I hope her sexy ass ain’t a Republican.'” His view represents the side of the coin where beauty trumps brains. The men who have echoed sentiments like the aforementioned quote have also made it clear that they aren’t interested in Stacey Dash’s anything outside of a sexual capacity.

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What do you think? Does hearing Stacey Dash endorse Mitt Romney make her less sexy or attractive? Speak on it below.


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