So the Empire finale is March 18… have you caught up yet? If not, we have the ultimate Empire season one binge-watching guide for you. Catch up on the madness that’s gone down between Cookie, Lucious, Jamal, Boo Boo Kitty, and company. We’re breaking down everything you need to know in five minutes. No, really, we timed […]

We love to hate Grace Gealey as Anika on FOX’s hit hip-hop drama, Empire. She’s a devilish debutante who always seems to get what she wants, and won’t stop until everyone is out of her way. But what do we know about the actress who plays Boo Boo Kitty? Here are 5 things you need to know […]

The Screen

  Cookie outed Anika to Lucious, letting him know Anika was working with Beretti. Anika walked out, despite Lucious begging her to stay. Andre flushed his meds down the toilet. This can’t possibly end well. Anika plotted to poach several crucial Empire artists and bring them over to Creedmoor. Jamal and Delphine (Estelle) got into […]

The Sound

Soul singer Eric Roberson never disappoints with his songs about love and relationships. With his new single, “I’m Not Trying to Keep Score No More,” Erro speaks from the heart about wanting to get things right with his lady love instead of trying to “be right” all the time. The hilarious video for the song, […]

Cross Post Now

With rumors that a sequel to the 2006 hit film ATL was in the works, T.I. finally confirmed that there will be an ATL 2. Earlier today, the film’s star posted a photo to his Instagram account with the caption, “#ATL2 Get ready.” No release date or further casting information has been announced yet, but we’re […]

Cross Post Now

What do you do when you’re the daughter of one of Hollywood’s most undeniable power couples, you’re well on your way to making serious waves as a somewhat quirky but definitely innovative singer/songwriter, and you’ve enjoyed a certain level of autonomy when it comes to your personal style? Conquer the fashion world, of course, in […]

“Empire” is more than just a TV show, it’s that Wednesday night relief after a terrible Tuesday. We’ve fallen in love with the diabolical plot,…

Be very afraid, because Oscar Isaac has been named the new villain in town! But don’t get too scared, it’s only his duty in the forthcoming…

For nearly two years Alex Rodriguez has been in the middle of a firestorm related to his alleged use of steroids while playing for the…

Jennifer Lopez could rake in millions with a steady gig in Vegas. The singer is in talks to stage a 72-show run at The Axis theatre…


The new Brazilian adaptation of the famous show “Sex and the City” has received extremely negative feedback. Viewers are outraged with the series stating that it demeans black women. Viewers have been demanded that the show be cancelled and for its advertisers to discontinue sponsoring the new adaptation. SEE ALSO: Jessica Alba is a lunatic but sexy […]