For nearly two years Alex Rodriguez has been in the middle of a firestorm related to his alleged use of steroids while playing for the New York Yankees.

Despite years of denial, he’d finally come clean regarding his PED use.

According to the Miami Herald, Rodriguez admitted to steroid use in a meeting with the federal agents on January 29, 2014.

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The Miami Herald report stated, “According to a written ‘report of investigation,’ Rodriguez admitted paying Anthony Bosch (owner of Biogenesis of America) for supplies of testosterone cream, lozenges laced with testosterone (aka “gummies”) and human growth hormone injections.

“‘Rodriguez injected the HGH into his stomach,’ the DEA report stated. ‘Rodriguez said Bosch told him the HGH would help with sleep, weight, hair growth, eyesight and muscle recovery.’

The report also noted that during the ballplayer’s relationship with Bosch, the phony doctor “injected Rodriguez in the buttocks with a red liquid substance.” Bosch told the ballplayer that it was ‘vitamins, not testosterone.’”

The Yankees slugger also stated that Bosch taught him how to beat the MLB drug tests.

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The Miami Herald also reported, “Rodriguez also described how Bosch gave the ballplayer ‘tips on how to beat MLB’s drug testing,’ according to the DEA report.

“The secret? According to Rodriguez, “Bosch advised him to only use mid-stream urine for MLB drug testing. Bosch told Rodriguez not to use the beginning or the end urine stream.”

“It worked. A test he took while using the drugs came up negative.”

Alex Rodriguez finished his 162-game suspensions last week and is back as an active Yankees player.

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