The founder of Earth, Wind, & Fire Maurice White is firing back at allegations he never paid late music producer Charles Stepney for work he did on classic Earth, Wind, & Fire records.

The Urban Daily first reported a few months ago that Charles Stepney’s estate, which is made up of his children, sued Maurice White claiming he hasn’t paid royalties to the producer’s estate. Stepney died in 1976. The estate said EW&F and their label Sony haven’t to shelled out any royalties in the last forty years. Stepney’s family says they are entitled to that money because of an oral agreement between Charles Stepney and Maurice White.

White has taken a swipe at the lawsuit, responding that there was no oral agreement between him and his late friend. White went on to say he doesn’t owe Stepney’s estate anything because Charles Stepney was paid everything he was owed when he was alive. Moreover, Maurice White says he and Charles Stepney never had an agreement about royalties. With that being said, Maurice White wants the judge to dismiss the lawsuit against him because he feels if Stepney’s family felt they were owed money, why didn’t they sue decades ago.

The judge has yet to rule in the case. We will keep you posted.



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