Dear Syleena Johnson,

We know you’ve been happily married to retired NBA player Kiwane Garris since 2006, but when we were watching you on TV One’s new show “R&B Divas” we said “That’s wifey material right there.” Why? How do we love thee? Let us count the ways:

5. She foine. Real life foine, not airbrush foine. Monday morning foine, not just Saturday night foine. Any woman that can push out two baby boys  and still make us forget our manners when she walks by is a keeper.

4. She went to college. We like those “edumacated” women and the Sorority membership is a bonus. Fellas, if your girl can serve food in a soup kitchen then do a step show in high heels that same night,  stomp down to Jared and lock her down.

“Drake University being my first college was fun, but there were only 40 or 50 undergraduate black students. The cool thing was we were close to Iowa State, schools with a lot of black people. I did pledge at Drake though…”

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3. She likes basketball and can school you on a thing or two. After putting in time as a real-life basketball wife Syleena has enough on-court chops to give Vanessa Bryant a run for her money.

“The Players that want to go overseas, understand that it’s nothing like the NBA. All that spoiled s*t is out the window. They play dirty over there. You will get hurt.”

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2. Her musical pedigree is untouchable. Not only does Syleena have six albums under her beaded belt, her father is legendary Soul man Syl Johnson.

“My Dad was very much against me being a recording artist when I was starting out. I’d sing around the house and he’d say ‘no, shut up.’ The industry was so bad in the 60s and 70s that he didn’t want that for me.”

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1. She’s about to be a TV star. “R&B Divas” is one of the highest rated shows on TV One in years and when we watched you sing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” at Keke Wyatt’s baby shower we knew you’d be breaking out in coming episodes.

So Kiwane, hold on to that woman, cuz..

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