Could there be a teensy, weensy chance that the shade thrown at Kris Humphries over bringing Kanye West into his divorce drama with Kim Kardashian be under false pretenses? I know, I know: Perish the thought. However, according to Radar Online, it seems Kris only brought in Yeezy because Kimmy K’s lawyer tried it by bringing up the special friends he made post-split with Kim.

Will these two please get divorced already?

While the gossip world waits for that, here’s Radar’s story:

“Here are the facts…Kris had no intention of going after the men in Kim’s life, meaning current boyfriend, Kanye West, but was forced to because her lawyer, Laura Wasser, formally subpoenaed his gal pal, Myla Sinanaj,” a source close to the situation tells

“Kris’ legal team had no other choice but to go after her personal life as well, which means more witnesses to depose, and again, more delays. Scheduling depositions for Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner have also been problematic, as both claim very chaotic schedules. Kris has a right to prepare for trial, and the longer the Kardashian clan drag their feet in scheduling depositions, the longer this thing is going to go on. It’s worth noting that Kris’ deposition was completed almost two months ago.”

As we previously reported, Kardashian and Humphries would have celebrated their one year anniversary last week. The reality star pulled the plug on the marriage after only 72 days. The NBA star claims he was duped into marrying Kim and plans on putting her reality television career on trial next year.

“Kris just wants the truth to come out and is dedicated to seeing this thing through. He is in no rush and Kim’s camp’s threats of releasing hidden footage that makes him look bad and other absurd claims don’t deter him,” the insider says.


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