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Do bands still make you dance? No, not rubber bands, actual musicians. Well, Mint Condition certainly hope so. The celebrated Minneapolis quintet is back with their eighth album, Music @ The Speed of Life, the followup to 2011’s 7.

Despite their nod to the digital era in the album title, the first single and video, “Believe In Us” is filled with their signature, lush analog soul.

“We added a horn section to about five or six songs and definitely added more guitar and that really took our songs to the next level,” band member Jeffrey Allen told “It’s reminiscent of the more nostalgic bands but with a fresh twist.”

Music @ The Speed Of Life features collaborations with DJ Jazzy Jeff (” Girl Of My Life”), Brother Ali (“649 Changes”) and Bobby Ross Avila lending his talkbox skills to several cuts.

Watch the video to Mint Condition’s  “Believe In Us” below and listen to a stream of the new album Music @ The Speed Of Life on  AOLMUSIC.

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