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Everybody knows one man can’t face off against a troop of crazy bad guys or slimy extraterrestrials on the big screen all by himself. He needs a good partner, a wingman who can get his back when ish gets wild on the streets. After more than a decade of doing just that in one film to the next, Michelle Rodriguez has proven that the best wingman in the biz is actually a woman.

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Before she heads back to theaters on Friday to terrorize more villains in Resident Evil: Retribution, TheUrbanDaily lists five reasons why Rodriguez is the ultimate sidekick:

1)    She fights better than you. Rodriguez is the put-up-your-dukes-and-fight-like-a-man type of girl. And if you don’t believe that then you clearly haven’t seen pretty much every single movie she’s ever been in, especially Girlfight, where she made every rapper cut their cornrows for fear of being unworthy.

2)    She takes her job very seriously. Rarely do you ever see her crack a mile. Whether she’s annihilating alien invaders in Battle: Los Angeles, or boldly standing up for illegal immigrants in Machete, you only see the whites of her teeth right before she splits your skull.

3)    She can trick your pursuers with her hotness. Even when covered in sweat and gunpowder, her sly smile and teeny tank top will sidetrack even the toughest bad guy, who’ll totally miss the fact that she’s about to slug him in the face. Winning.

4)    She can drive the getaway car really, really fast. We’ve seen her behind the wheel in the Fast and the Furious movies, and from the looks of things she bleeds Nitrous Oxide.

5)   Zombies are no big deal to her. Look, we know that Will Smith is the reigning King of the zombiepocalypse, but in case he’s otherwise occupied, Rodriguez is a worthy backup. So when that hoard of reality TV stars high on bath salts come charging down your block, she’s the girl to call.

Resident Evil: Retribution is in theaters this Friday.

Candice Frederick is an NABJ award-winning journalist, movie contributor for Bitch Flicks, and film blogger for Reel Talk. Follow her on twitter.

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