For all of the reasons you all are excited about the iPhone 5 announcement, I’m finding more reasons to not waste my money. Whatever you find cool about the new, but not so new, features, I can find three more things wrong with it. Here are some of the major changes to the iPhone and why I’ve decided to stick with my 4S.

1. Taller and thinner – 5 instead of 4 rows of apps on the iPhone 5 screen. The new iPhone is also 18% thinner than the 4S.

What is that going to do for me? What is the height going to do for my functionality? Is the height going to pay the bills? No it is not! They say it’s the tiniest and lightest phone, but all that means to me is that it’s easy it break.

2. Same 326 pixels per inch retina and 8 megapixel camera as the 4S:

Well I already have that, so… no need to buy it again!

3. 8 hours of talk time on LTE and 10 hours of talk time on Wifi:

So, you mean to tell me that compared to the 4S, I’d only be getting 2 more hours of talk time than on my 3G? I mean if I had someone I wanted to talk to for 2 extra hours, I might be down with that. But I don’t even like talking on the phone. That’s why I text and email from the iPhone.

4. FaceTime over cellular now available. Charges apply for AT&T Customers:

I have AT&T.

5. Three microphones. In front for front camera videos, bottom for phone calls and voice memos, and back for back camera videos:

Three microphones? That’s too much. My one little microphone for all my phone calls, video and Siri needs have worked just fine for me up until now!

6. New Lightning Connector: Smaller port to connect your phone to power sources:

So that means I can’t steal someone else’s charger? That’s corny, I don’t like that!


The earpiece on the iPhone 5 is equipped with noise canceling speakers:

Well that’s cool.

Do you think the iPhone 5 is a game changer?

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