As sad as many of you might be over the marriage between Chad Johnson and Evelyn Lozada ending in arrests and divorce, perhaps some of you Chad fans will take comfort in knowing that Mr. Johnson isn’t alone as he thinks about the mistakes he’s made in recent weeks.

According to Radar Online, Chad has been frolicking with a friend he likely made via the Twitter.

Here they go, here they go (yes, read that in a Mystikal accent):

According to an eyewitness, a red Volkswagen complete with a Miami sticker on it was parked overnight outside the home Johnson shared with Lozada, who has still to remove her clothes and belongings from the property.

The car belongs to Bianca Zuluaga, the woman Radar exclusively reported to be Johnson’s mistress, and is registered in Zuluaga’s mother’s name.

According to Johnson’s own Twitter page, he was due in court Thursday morning, but as it turns out, decided not to show up, choosing instead to spend the morning with Zuluaga first at his home, then headed out for some breakfast at Johnson’s beloved IHOP.

Zuluaga, who refers to Johnson as “Chocolate” confirmed this on her own twitter page, first tweeting “You know you’re a chocolate addict when you ate some last night, and eat some as soon as you wake up in the morning.”

Then later, tweeting “iHop with my lover… yummm fattening.”


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