Iyanla Vanzant doesn’t appreciate the insinuation that she exploited the recent drama between Evelyn Lozada and Chad Johnson for her new TV venture, Iyanla, Fix My Life. The OWN TV personality tells theGrio that it was Evelyn who reached out to her. You know, because some of your aunties and cousins were giving the cast members of Basketball Wives hell…hence the need for an image reboost.

According to Iyanla, all guests are selected based on letters penned to her and what came after is merely coincidence.

Via theGrio:

“She wrote me, just like every other guest,” Vanzant said, addressing concerns that it might have been too soon to discuss Lozada’s personal crisis on national television.

“That’s an indication of willingness.”

Vanzant’s interview with Lozada was particularly unique given it was filmed in two parts: the first prior to Lozada and Johnson’s explosive domestic brawl, and the second, afterwards. The downward spiral of Lozada’s marriage became a widespread topic of public fancy, and Lozada was not spared any infamy. Appearing on Vanzant’s show,

Lozada detailed the story of the altercation, and acknowledged her intention to change her public image. The opportune and sensitive subject matter captivated audiences, and likely was a catalyst to the show’s ratings blitz.

Nevertheless, Vanzant rejects any criticisms that she may have been capitalizing on Lozada’s crisis for her own benefit.

“The show was done prior to the upheaval with her and Chad, and it was scheduled to be the third show, not the first show,” Vanzant explained. “The reason it was the first show was, because of the upheaval with her and Chad, it was timely…And so, you know, at my age, I can’t care what people say, and most of it, I forget.”

Furthermore, Vanzant told her audience at the screening that Lozada’s story reflects the core of her series’ theme – “life happens to everybody” – and that her intention with the first two episodes was to show young women who idolize reality stars that money, power and status can still equate to the same problems as those living “in the projects.”

Noted Vanzant, “Stupidity doesn’t care about your income level.”

You can read the interview in full over at theGrio.


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