He’s been named co-host of one of the most successful shows in daytime TV history while her reality show just got a second season order on VH1. Considering both are doing so well, you’d assume that the currently engaged Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy had everything going for them. Naturally, a tabloid would like to argue otherwise.

According to the National Enquirer, Michael is on the verge of breaking up with the former Mrs. Eddie Murphy over a racy music video she recently participated in. Something tells me no man with Nicole would want to let her go, but you know, it’s happened before.

Until one, the other or both shut this rumor down, here’s how the storytellers tell it:

“When Nicole first told Mi­chael about starring in the music video, she forgot to tell him she would be caressing a sexy young singer and show­ing a lot of skin,” declared a friend.

“But Michael should have known something was wrong by the title of the video – ‘No Panties’!”

In the sizzling video, Nicole plays a stranded motorist in the middle of a desert. She eyes the singer, who is driving by in a muscle car.

Nicole’s character leans over the driver-side window – prac­tically displaying her breasts, and the two end up caressing each other on top of his car!

An outraged Michael, who just started his co-hosting gig in September, is furious with Nicole, divulged the friend.

The 40-year-old former pro footballstar told Nicole – who is Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife – that he works on a family show now and she needs to tone down her suggestive behavior to something more G-rated.

“Little old ladies watch me every day, and it isn’t going to go over too well if they see you on screen caressing another man in a music video,” Michael told Nicole, according to the source.

Yeah, yeah. They’re probably somewhere sharing an order of red beans and rice from Popeye’s (or whatever is the rich folk’s equivalent), laughing at this.


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