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Prince's sister, Tyka Nelson, confirmed that the dead singer did not leave a will

Kelly Ripa isn't too happy about Michael Strahan's departure from 'LIVE with Kelly and Michael.'

One of Jimmy Kimmel‘s best segments on his late-night show is when he has celebrities read mean tweets on-air. This time it’s the NFL edition, and it’s nothing short of hilarious. It’s good to see that some famous people are cool enough to have a sense of humor about the awful things said over the […]

New hall-of-famer Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy decided to call off their five-year engagement.      MUST SEE: Former New York Giant Michael Strahan Gets Inducted Into NFL Hall Of Fame [VIDEO]  Murphy’s rep confirmed the news to PEOPLE. His rep told them,”They love each other very much, but with the distance and work schedule it has been […]

Former New York Giant Michael Strahan was inducted into the NFL Hall Of Fame and he gave a very moving speech about being an “improbable” candidate for not only the Hall Of Fame…but the NFL period. Take a look at Strahan’s speech in the ESPN video below!       The moral of the story […]

Former football star turned morning talk show host Michael Strahan had his life threatened by a homeless man in New York City Tuesday July 1st. In addition to hosting “Live with Kelly and Michael,” Strahan also has hosting duties on “Good Morning America.” A homeless man named Andre Johnson, 25, showed up to ABC’s Times […]

The first thing that comes to our minds is the word…ewww! TMZ is reporting that the daughter’s of Eddie Murphy and Nicole Murphy used the bed that Nicole shares with fiance’ Michael Strayhan to take nearly naked lingerie pictures! WHY would you use your mother’s bed for that? But the kicker is they allegedly didn’t have […]

Michael Strahan has never shied away from dismissing gossipers, but in a new interview for HBO’s Real Sports, the former football star turned morning talk show host discusses exactly what rumors specifically bother him most. Say, stories about him being gay in addition to beating or cheating on women. Yeah, I can imagine that’d be […]

He’s been named co-host of one of the most successful shows in daytime TV history while her reality show just got a second season order on VH1. Considering both are doing so well, you’d assume that the currently engaged Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy had everything going for them. Naturally, a tabloid would like to […]