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The folks at FX’s  “Anger Management” like to keep it simple. The star of the show, Charlie Sheen, is simply named Charlie. His best friend on the show, played by actor Michael Boatman, is simply named Michael.  When you have to shoot 90 episodes in under 18 months alacrity is the order of the day.

“Charlie’s statement to me at the time was that I want to do this with people who know what they’re doing because there won’t be a lot of time,” Boatman told about the pace of the series. Boatman, who has appeared in everything from “Spin City” and “Law & Order” to “The Game,” has  never faced a taping schedule quite like this, but seems unfazed.

“I’m actually pretty confident about it. I’ve done comedies for so long so it didn’t throw me that much for a loop. What it means is that you have to be prepared. There is no time for rehearsal. You get to the set, get in makeup, learn your lines and then you go home. I had done a guest spot on “Are We There Yet?” and it set me up for what it had to be. Because they do three episodes a week over there.” (Watch the video for more of his thoughts about working with Charlie Sheen.)

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The Colorado native is one of the hardest working yet under appreciated actors working today.  Here are five more things you should know about it him.

How he got started…

“I was a high school theater actor. I started (acting) just to meet a girl. That’s the most stereotypical thing an actor can say but it’s true. I majored in theater in college and did tons of Shakespeare, comedy and improv, but it never occurred to me that it was something I’d do for a living. My plan was that I was going to teach. I was going to probably tour the Mid-West and do regional theater thing until I got sick of that or until my mother threw me out. Then I was going to get my masters degree and teach, but then I got Hamburger Hill, almost accidentally. I auditioned for that film on a dare and got the part. Next thing you know I’m flying to the Philippines.

A high school buddy of mine really wanted to be an actor. To me actors weren’t theater people. There were in movies and TV, etc. There was no connection in my mind. But my buddy knew who all of the casting agents were etc and he said come on an audition.  It worked out for me, not so well for him.”

Being A Writer…

“I’ve written three novels. One of them is The Revenant Road. It’s a horror thing. I love science fiction and vampires. There is a pilot version of it in development now. I never really thought much about directing because I’m really beginning to see how after having done this for so long that the power is really in the story and in creating your own content. I’ve dabbled with directing here and there but writing is where it’s at.

His Googling Addiction…

I’m ashamed of it but  it’s true. I can’t stop Googling myself. I take every opportunity if I’m sitting in my office at 3 in the morning  I wonder what they’re saying about me. I actually responded to a critique of anger management that some dude in Kansas City Kansa wrote.  As I was writing “you don’t know what goes into it, and how are you..” I said I need to go to bed and probably shoot myself when I wake up. I’ve been doing this for 30 years and you can’t respond to every critique negative or positive. So I’m backing of on the Google.

His New Website…

I’m on Twitter, Facebook and I just got my first website, It’s filled with violence, sex and religious intolerance, just for the kids.  As a writer you find that it’s really valuable to have a platform to talk about issues. It’s a blog with connections to all of my other social media and links to “Anger Management.”  You have to be out there that way. When I started out you went from office to office from auditioning to agent to whatever. Now everything happens with at the push of a button.  That’s why I’m up at 4 o’clock in the morning Googling myself.

The “Anger Management” Marathon

The standard pickup for a sitcom is 22 episodes to be shot over the course of 9 months. It took us four years on Spin City to get to 100 episodes.  For Anger Management which is being done out of Lionsgate we’re doing the 90 Episodes. It’s the 10/90 model (The Tyler Perry Model). We shoot 90 episodes in 18 months.  We’re going to do four years worth of work in under two years.

Keep checking for more on Michael Boatman’s new film Bad Parents, his thoughts on President Obama and more!

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