NFL legend Warren Sapp can breathe a sigh of relief. A federal judge relieved Sapp of his debt by discharging him from his bankruptcy case.

Back in April, Warren Sapp filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy, stating he owed nearly seven million dollars to creditors with only about six and a half million in assets. Warren Sapp’s assets were itemized and he owns over 240 pairs of Jordans, a lion skin rug, and an autographed Muhammad Ali boxing glove.

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A Florida judge discharging Sapp from his bankruptcy case after deciding Sapp was getting his finances together. However, Sapp still has some fiscal issues that need to be taken care of. Warren Sapp still owes hundreds of thousands of dollars stemming from tax debt, alimony, and child support. those issues were not covered under the umbrella of chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Despite Sapp still having to rectify his money woes, having to pay a few hundred thousand dollars compared to paying $6.5 million is a blessing. After he gets everything squared away, hopefully he can stay on the straight and narrow money wise.



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