Despite what you may have heard to the contrary, Janet Jackson was not the reason Michael Jackson’s funeral was delayed. There was a rumor that the iconic pop star held up the King of Pop’s burial over the $40,000 she paid to a funeral home as a deposit. Jackson’s lawyer sent a fiery letter to Vanity Fair denouncing the publication for printing the book excerpt that faulted Janet for the delay.

Now a source close to the family is also speaking out on those claims:

“Janet absolutely didn’t delay Michael’s funeral, that just never happened,” a family insider exclusively. “The main reason for the delay was because the family just couldn’t agree on where Michael should be buried. Jermaine and Randy wanted him buried at Neverland but Katherine was absolutely steadfast against that.

“Throw in the fact that Michael’s kids had their own ideas and were grieving and there was obviously a lot going on. Janet was just trying to do the right thing at the time and she was very supportive of Michael’s kids and her mother during that very dark time. For anyone else to say otherwise is just categorically false. Yes, tensions have developed since then between Janet and her mom over the handling of Michael’s estate, but that doesn’t change what happened in the weeks after Michael died.”


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