After wearing a dress and rattling off his own fat nicknames to convince men that Weight Watchers is something they should consider, Charles Barkley is appealing to the prurient interests in men to get them to lose weight.

In his latest advert called “Roll Call” Sir Charles rattles off 16 euphemisms for a man’s penis to illustrate the dubious claim that for every 35 pounds you lose, you can MAY gain an inch south of your belt buckle.

While losing some paunch (and some strategic pubic shaving) can make your Jimbrowksi (ah, there is one he left out) LOOK bigger and increase stamina, we’re not sure that weight loss in one place equals gain in another.  This sounds like a porn pop-up gone wrong like that “Chappelle’s Show” sketch on the Internet: “Hey Buddy, want to increase the size of your penis? Up to four inches in a month! Fat, too!”

But, hey at least he’s not wearing size 45 pumps in this one.

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