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Beyoncé’s camp recently reached out to singer-songwriter Miguel late last week, offering one more confirmation that the LA-based entertainer’s star is rising.

Speaking with MTV News, Miguel talked of his excitement about working with the Queen B:

“I just got word that I’ll be in [the studio] with Beyoncé tomorrow which is amazing,” Miguel said after performing Friday night (October 26). “I heard it from my team, and I was like, ‘Are you serious?’ ‘Are you sure?’ ‘Are we talking about the Beyoncé? And after taking a second to confirm and double confirm and triple confirm, I’m excited to hear the direction of her new material, and hopefully come up with something that’s really special and really showcases her perspective.”

As for what sound the two may put together:

“I think being a part of someone else’s creative process is all about having your surf board ready and just [being] ready to ride that wave. I don’t really know what she sees for herself or what direction she’d like to go with this album and I think that’s the exciting part about it. You just ride the wave and see where it goes, so I’m really excited.”

Check video of Miguel’s MTV interview below:


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