In an interview with The Combat Jack Show, Fabolous explained that he’s quite aware that he’s still often pegged as “underrated,” though he’s not sure why the tag has sticked for all these years. However, he said all it’s done is fuel his desire to work even harder.

When asked about being one of the most underrated rappers:

“I can’t call it man. I actually use it as something to help motivate me man. I think when you’re doing things for a long time you need to find challenges to keep you on your A-game and keep you working hard at it. So I use that as a challenge for me. If I don’t got everybody’s attention that makes me work harder to get other people’s attention and I think certain people get it, I don’t know why. I think everybody has gotten it to the point, ‘Yo Fab can rap,’ but I think somehow it just gets forgot. I don’t know if I’m not doing enough animated stuff, or drama, or reality shows, or whatever it takes nowadays. But I think people get that I can rap and they get that I represent it well and represent the city well as well.”


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