When exiled former Bad Boy Shyne expressed his opinion about Compton MC Kendrick Lamar’s debut album, calling it “trash,” The Game was one of the first rappers to come to the neophyte’s defense.  While Kendrick has brushed it off, The Game responded with a diss track called “Cough Up A Lung.”

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On the song Game takes shots at Shyne saying, “N*gga in Belize all into his feelings/because he did 10 years for shootin’ at the ceilin..”

Shyne was recently asked about the song in an interview for StreetKode Radio and insisted that he will safely travel in the West Coast if/when he returns to The United States and that he “helped create The Game.”

However, in an interesting twist, Shyne admits that if he’d known that The Game was cool with Kendrick he wouldn’t have made the disparaging comments about the album.

It’s funny listening to Shyne refer to The Game as a youngster when they’re damn near the same age. Listen to the full interview below. [Spotted]

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