People can’t seem to be getting enough of Rihanna’s cover for GQ, so The Urban Daily wanted to give you a little eye candy from ghosts of magazines past that we couldn’t get enough of. Who needs clothes when you can look at their… smile?

10. Mariah Carey, Interview, 2007

When she is not being an absolute diva, Mariah can show us she can be sexy. Now we see why Nick Cannon married her.

9. Nicole Scherzinger, Blender, 2007

Does it matter that we will never be able to pronounce her last name? That peek over her shoulder was meant just for you.

8. Brandy, Vibe, 2004

It’s not exactly nude — not even a little bit — but this is the most naked we will ever see Moesha, and we’re not mad.

7. Eva Mendes, Maxim, 2007

Ahhh, Eva Mendes’ Maxim cover. It’s the only place we like to see her other than Denzel Washington films.  We have forgiven her for those brown boots.

6. Ciara, Vibe, 2008

Who knew Ciara could be so sexy outside of her usual Matrix dance moves? Ciara showed a softer side that matches her voice. We see you!

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