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As you’ve heard by now, Rihanna sampled Ginuwine’s breakout hit, “Pony,” on her forthcoming seventh album, Unapologetic.

MTV News caught up with the R&B singer about her use of the 1996 track, and not surprisingly, he’s all for it. Who could blame him? A check is a check and well…it’s Rihanna.

Here’s Ginuwine on Rihanna sampling his debut single:

“You know what? My management told me she wanted to use it, and Rihanna, I’m a fan of hers and I love what she’s doing. Anytime someone uses anything that I’ve done in the past, that’s just one of those things where the respect is there and I can appreciate that and it was a great song and still is,” he told MTV News of Rih’s usage of the defining ’90s jam. “It’s one of the most appreciated songs when I do my shows, that’s one of the songs that gets the most reaction, and for her doing it, I’m appreciative. I thank her for it and hopefully it does well for her.”

With NSFW lyrics that play up Ginuwine’s prowess as a lover (Spoiler alert: He’s not singing about a baby horse), it comes as no surprise that Rihanna would put her gender-bending spin on the track’s infamous chorus. “That’s one of those songs you really can’t mess up anyway. When I heard that she wanted to do it I immediately said ‘OK.’ I signed onboard.

“Well I think it was a universal type song anyway, but you can just flip it just like I know she did it,” he continued. “If anybody in the business can capture the spirit of ‘Pony,’ it would have to be Rihanna. I’m anxious to hear what she’s done to it and at the same time appreciative of her to consider that song from me. Hopefully it does a wonderful job for her like it did for me.”


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