Ginuwine is Donna Meagle’s cousin and the founder of the Quakson 5. He’s a pretty good singer, too. Ginuwine has been soundtracking babymaking for two decades, and he hasn’t lost his touch. Sunday brings “Leave It In.” Listen and wear protection accordingly. MORE LINKS ON THE URBAN DAILY Ginuwine’s Life Is Kind Of In Shambles Right […]

Ginuwine is caught up in a storm. The R&B singer is close to bankruptcy, and most of it is thanks to his divorce from wife, Sole. Ginuwine, whose real name is Elgin Lumpkin, is currently being sued by one of the executive producers, Robert Reives, from his first album, “The Bachelor.” Rieves claims that he is […]

Wow! There has been a lot of speculation over the last year or so regarding the mental stability of TGT singer Ginuwine but his own wife has now joined in the conversation and she isn’t backing him up either…or at least not the way you would think. According to Vlad TV, Ginuwine recently posted a […]

There have been rumors for a few months that the guys in R&B supergroup TGT haven’t been getting along. Things became a little more apparent on the red carpet of the Soul Train Awards. Ginuwine was noticably absent and Tyrese made a slick comment about it and Ginuwine took to Twitter to answer his group […]

  This past weekend, things got a little crazy for the newly minted group TGT. One of their members Tyrese collapsed at an appearance meant to promote the group’s debut project. As usual, people assumed the worst and said it was drugs and everything else. Well another member of the group Tank, has come forward […]

In case you missed it, TGT performed on WLNY’s morning show “The Couch” recently. Their performance led to speculation that Ginuwine on drugs during their performance. RELATED: The Tyrese Side-Eye & 6 OTher Great Moments From TGTs TV Performance [VIDEO] The trio fired back in a recent interview with StreetHeat making it known that they are […]

R&B singers Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank have pulled an LSG (or a BBD depending on how technical you want to be) and started a supergroup called TGT. To promote their new single “I Need”  from their upcoming “3 Kings” album, the trio appeared on a local television show in NY to perform the song live. […]

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R&B supergroup TGT (Tank-Ginuwine-Tyrese) is back! And they are making more music, so you can heat it up. “We understand that lane, and we wanted to jump back in it — this time as a collective,” said Tyrese. Watch their video below! Like on Facebook to stay updated with the latest entertainment news and original […]

Male R&B groups are a dying breed. R&B superstars Tank, Ginuwine, and Tyrese are aiming to change that. They have announced they will record a project as a group. TGT, as they will be called, dropped their first official single “Sex Never Felt Better.” The sensual ballad is tailor made for the bedroom. “Sex Never […]

As you’ve heard by now, Rihanna sampled Ginuwine’s breakout hit, “Pony,” on her forthcoming seventh album, Unapologetic. MTV News caught up with the R&B singer about her use of the 1996 track, and not surprisingly, he’s all for it. Who could blame him? A check is a check and well…it’s Rihanna. Here’s Ginuwine on Rihanna […]

Tyrese, Tank, and Ginuwine’s new LSG inspired group, TGT, has recently signed with Atlantic records. In a new video offering behind the scenes footage of the R&B trio, the group members speak of their mission to bring back a certain form of R&B back into the fold. Tank: TGT is a lifestyle. It’s about bringing […]