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R&B singers Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank have pulled an LSG (or a BBD depending on how technical you want to be) and started a supergroup called TGT. To promote their new single “I Need”  from their upcoming “3 Kings” album, the trio appeared on a local television show in NY to perform the song live.

Evidently, their call time was so early that Ginuwine didn’t have time to shave or have his morning cup of coffee and his sleepy appearance sparked rumors that he was on a controlled substance of some sort. Mr. Lumpkin has a rep for being one of the most clean cut gents in R&B (did you see his baby hair in ’96?) so we weren’t too sure about this and he addressed the rumors on his twitter page:

That didn’t stop him from having some fun with the whole situation though, offering up some good natured laughs about the whole thing.

So we captured some of the highlights in GIF form for your repeated viewing pleasure:

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