Rapper Game is known for his prowess as a battle rapper. However, he wasn’t winning every battle he entered into when he was just starting out in the industry. As a matter of fact, Kanye West beat him in a battle before they both were famous.

Game told Vlad TV about battling Kanye at a party Nelly threw. Once the event was over and they were walking back to their respective cars, people began asking why they haven’t battled and things popped off right there in a parking garage. According to Game, he was giving Kanye that that work until Kanye came back with a verse that had everybody cheering and beat Game in the lyrical sparring match.

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Game told Vlad TV, “Before The Documentary came out, Nelly had a party at Niketown, and everybody was there – Dr. Dre, Swizz [Beatz], Pharrell, a bunch of stars, me and Kanye were kinda rookies and what-not; Kanye was still servicing his beats around, I think he just had signed to Roc-a-Fella. So after the party was over, we’re walking to the parking structure, just walking [with] a bunch of chicks…and everybody was like, ‘Yo, Kanye, why don’t you battle Game? Game, why don’t battle Kanye?’,”  Game remembered. “And we were just two hungry artists, so in the parking structure, [we] just took off. ‘Ye rapped first, and he spit and it was that old College Dropout Kanye, and he got off and he really did his thing.”

Game went on to say, “I gave him probably about 40 bars, just rapping fire, and then he came and he spit like 40 bars. I took it up, and I ended up rapping for like three or four minutes…I felt like I won, and then Kanye, just out of nowhere, started going in about how I thought I was the ‘savior and watch my behavior’ – he just really started going in, and the chicks started being like, ‘Oooh, aah,’ and once the chicks start chiming in, it’s pretty much over.”

After hearing this story, we want to know one thing. Where the hell were the video cameras?!?!?! We would love to see these two battle rapping against each other. Oh, we forgot this battle happened right before the introduction of Youtube and invasive ass camera phones.



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