The first time I met Toccara Jones she was in a bubble bath. Since being chosen as the lucky reporter to interview Ms. Jones for her first KING magazine cover I’ve never passed on an opportunity to speak with the eye-catching model turned TV personality. A few weeks ago we hung out at a Lady Hennessy party sharing the latest gossip over some Mojitos but real conversations in dark clubs have never been my thing.

So on a lazy afternoon I gave the Ashley Stewart model a ring and asked her what was going on with her workout , going topless in Italian Vogue last year and what happened with her turn in the Vagina Monologues.  (originally published May, 2009)

TUD: You sound really comfortable. What are you up to right now?

Toccara: I’m just chilling with the family. We’re all on the couch laid up and talking and stuff. Trying to make plans to go to the pool or something. My momma is high yellow so she wants to tan and get brown like me. She’ll be a sugar baby.

Sounds like fun. So what made you become a member of the Lady Hennessy glam squad?

Hennessy has scholarships they give to kids and it’s like a customer appreciation thing. We’ll go to the core consumers in places like Chicago and sign autographs and things like that for loyal customers. The main consumers of Hennessy are men so they picked some really hot ladies to show their appreciation. We also try to get more women to try Hennessy with different mixers.

I didn’t see you drink that much at the party though.

That’s good, because I’m a lady [laughs].

Speaking of being a lady, talk to me about the “Vagina Monologues.” Weren’t you supposed to be on the tour with Deelishis and New York?

Unfortunately, my schedule didn’t permit me being a part of it. So I didn’t get to be on the tour. Hopefully next year I’ll get to do it. I was really looking forward to that. I was going to do the poem about Bob. He’s a vagina connoisseur and he liked to look at it.

What was it about that particular piece that interested you?

Hmmm, I just like it because it was about a woman who was uncomfortable with her vagina and then she ran into a guy who loved vagina and it just made her feel beautiful.

Have you had any “Bobs” in your life?

Well I am Bob. I love my vagina. I don’t need anybody to love my vagina for me.

You are very comfortable with your body indeed. You even posed nude for Italian Vogue last year. What was that experience like?

I get chills every time I talk about that photo shoot. It was the most amazing shoot I’ve ever had in my entire life. I just moved into a new apartment and I’m decorating it with nothing but Italian Vogue ! For them to pick me and to represent full figured women and to be a top feature with Naomi Campbell was amazing. And I tore it up!

I got nervous when I saw you in the trunk of that car. Reminded me of Kanye’s “Flashing Lights” video.

We were cranking out so many pictures and we were clicking so well that every single look we did made the magazine. But when we did the one in the trunk he told me to hold the position and stretch my neck. It was really uncomfortable, but that picture is fire

Then you were lifting a car up…

That was my first picture. We did that in five minutes and it was done. He was like next!

You know what my favorite is though, right?

I know which one.[laughs] You’re a guy. That [topless one] was cool but I wanted him to let me lift them up some more. They were all naturally hangin. I was like ‘let me pick ‘em up!’ and he said ‘no, no.’

When we first spoke for the KING cover you told me you were pouring your girls into a G cup. What part of the Alphabet are they in now since you’ve lost so much weight?

I’m still a G-G-G-G. 36G. The G stands for Goddess…

And “goodness gracious.” You were in great shape for that shoot. How is your workout DVD coming along?

It’s going absolutely fabulous. Everyone needs to go to and get their copy. I’m really proud of it and I want to do a whole line of workout DVDs:A striptease workout, a boot camp workout and cardio…

Speaking of striptease, one of our stylists June Ambrose has a stiletto workout, would you do that?

June Ambrose has a stiletto workout?? Oh my God I love her! She should have called me. I bowl in stilettos. I’m gonna have to check that out. A woman feels good when she’s in stilettos. I’m down for that.

When we first spoke someone special was cooking you mac and cheese and all that. Whose cooking for you now?

It’s lonely at the top. Ain’t nobody cooking for Toccara but Toccara.

We need to fix that, maybe start a contest to see who wants to cook for you.

Yes, yes!

What would you want?

Some salmon, some broccoli and some mashed potatoes…

Fellas, ya’ll heard the woman. Get it poppin!


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