Just as you thought Juicy J‘s ubiquitous hit “Bandz A Make Her Dance” was on its way out of our brains. Juicy J finds a way to pull us back in. He has released a game on his website that allows one to make it rain on them pros, If you smell my cologne.

Named after the hit song,  players must throw dollars at strippers to keep them twerking on the pole. If you keep the first stripper up with ease, a second one will begin to dance on another pole and you must continue to make it rain. In playing the game for the past half hour, I will say this: making it rain on four strippers in the game is hard.

If you are into watching virtual women drop it like it’s hot, you might want to head over to the Juicy J site for some fun. Please be advised this is definitely NSFW. So don’t tell my bosses I’m probably going to wind up spending the rest of my work day playing on the low because this is as close to making it rain in the strip club as I want to be. Yeah, I love the strippers, but I’m not trying to help them pay their college tuition in real life. Hell, Sallie Mae is still after me.


Play “Bandz A Make Her Dance” video game.



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